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Where, when and how can I use Interview Workout?

Interview Workout can be used on any Google Assistant enabled device. This includes phones,speakers, cars, wearables and other devices. If you can talk to it, Interview Workout is available. Practice while you are out and about, in your car or at home.

Just say 'Hey Google, talk to Interview Workout ...'  

See this list for Google Assistant enabled devices - List of Devices

Can I use Interview Workout on iOS devices (like iPhone, iPads)?

Yes, Interview Workout can be used on iOS devices. You just need to download the Google Assistant App on your device.

What are Custom Interview Workouts?

Custom Interview Workouts are designed to help you get ready for a specific role or job interview. It includes

  • Warm Up Questions - these are open ended questions employers typically use to help you ease into the interview. It includes common questions like 'Tell me about yourself ...'. 
  • Role Based Questions - these are questions more specific to the competencies expected of the role you are applying for. Depending on the position, it can include things like your communication skills or ability to delegate.
  • Question Tips - these are suggested questions you should ask employers at the interview. It will not only show your interest but also help to give you a better understanding of the role, the company and its people. 

How do I purchase Custom Interview Workouts?

You can purchase Custom Interview Workouts on this website. Just add a link to the advertised role you are interviewing for at checkout.

Please note that if you are not using a Gmail email address at checkout, follow the steps in the below FAQ - Can I use a non-Gmail account to access a Custom Interview Workout? 

Can I use a non-Gmail account to access a Custom Interview Workout?

You can use a non-Gmail account to access a Custom Interview Workout. It will however need to have a corresponding Google Account linked to it. You can easily achieve this by following the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your non-Gmail email address in the “Your current email address:” field.
  3. Type in a password for the account.
  4.  Verify your details as required
  5. Click the “I accept. Create my account” button
  6. Once a confirmation email has been received on your non-Gmail account, confirm you would like to activate the account
  7. Log in using the Google linked account before starting Interview Workout

What happens after I purchase a Custom Interview Workout?

After you purchase a Custom Interview Workout, it will be processed and an email will automatically be sent to you with a straight forward guide on how to get started.

Signing In Process for Custom Interview Workouts

For privacy and security reasons, we use your verified Google account details to log you into Custom Interview Workouts. This means, when first signing in, Google may prompt you to create an account and give permission for Interview Workout to access your details. To proceed, just confirm by saying 'Yes'. Once completed, Interview Workout will begin the session. Note that you only need to do this once, as your details will be automatically linked from then on.

Is there a faster way to access Custom Interview Workouts without having to say "Hey Google ..." every time?

There are a couple of ways that can make it quicker to access Custom Interview Workouts

  • Use the direct links we provide in our start up guide email. This can be added to calendar reminders to help you make the most of your preparation time before the big day.
  • Add a Google Assistant routine with your own abbreviation or shortcut phrase (like 'job interview practice')  
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